Our Approach

Many firms and analysts see the market in one way, through one lens. We are different. We understand that the market is a dynamic, ever-changing landscape, and that the challenge is finding consistency within this ever-shifting current. Consistency of results demands both consistency of process and flexibility to respond to shifting market regimes. Essentially, the challenges is understanding what changes and what does not change.

We draw from the best of many disciplines. While our approach is rooted in technical analysis, we work hard to correct many of the errors of traditional technical analysis which can be highly subjective and untestable. However, a technical process with an enduring edge brings many strengths, one of the most important of which is that it forces us to confront the reality of the market as it is. Assumptions, projections, biases, and emotion take a back seat to the message of price action.

Understanding when macroeconomic factors and fundamentals can identify critical shifts in behavioral context can transform a reading of the news and current events. Emotion, noise, and confusion can be clarified within a process that identifies significant inflections. Our data-driven approach has proven effective over decades of practical application.

When we combine a statistical understanding of how markets move with human discretion, we truly do find the best of both worlds—quantitative structure combined with the wisdom of human discretion.