Our Clients

Hedge Funds

Directional and relative value traders find opportunity within our analysis.

Family Offices

Our work identify regime shifts highlight opportunities to allocate between asset classes and to take targeted, directional exposures in select markets.

Individual Traders

We serve individual traders ranging from professional to developing, prop traders, former floor traders, full-time and part-time.

Individual Investors

Clients managing risk in retirement portfolios find important insights in our work, and ideas for allocations backed by a solid quantitative perspective.

Options Traders

Income traders, directional traders, or investors looking to hedge other exposures depend on our directional bias, volatility modeling, and ideas for specific trade structures.

Portfolio Managers

Long-only allocators use our directional biases and macroeconomic analysis to frame their decisions with a solid awareness of developing market conditions, risk, and opportunity.

Sector Analysts and Allocators

Sector-specific traders, analysts, and allocators use our relative strength, sector, and individual stock analysis to identify targeted opportunities and exposures within a specific universe.


The limitations of traditional models lie in their assumptions—assumptions of distributions, assumptions that the future will look like the past, and assumptions that correlations can be predicted.

Wealth Managers/Advisors

From managing risk, shifting allocations, or understanding frameworks for client discussions, our work gives solid context and perspective.